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What to expect at an initial rehabilitation appointment:

  • Review of Medical Records
  • Discussion of Goals
  • Evaluation of Patient
  • Discussion of Findings and Recommendations
  • Treatments you decide will be best for your situation
  • Recommendations of medication and supplement changes
  • Prescription of Home Exercise Program
  • Schedule Follow-Ups based on our recommendations and what works best for your situation.
    • Anywhere from 3 times a week to just a few times a year.

Physical Rehabilitation for Animals is a rapidly growing area.  We now know that animals sometimes don't just bounce back from injuries and surgeries and a well defined rehabilitation program, similar to physical therapy for us, can aid in an animal's ability to full recovery and can potentially prevent injuries. 

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques Include:

  • Manual Therapy:
    • Massage
    • Trigger point therapy
    • Joint mobilizations
    • Stretching
  • Therapeutic Modalities: 
    • Ice/Compression
    • Laser Therapy
    • TENS/NMES Therapy
    • Therapeutic Ultrasound
    • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Treatments
    • Shockwave Treatments
    • Underwater Treadmill
  • Regenerative Medicine
    • Stem Cell Therapy
    • Platlet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercise Programs:
    • Prescribed exercises to target various muscles and muscle actions.
    • Examples: Backwards walking, Side-stepping, Cavalettis, Balance Ball/Disc Work, Figure-8s

We offer Class 4 Cold Laser Therapy using one of the top lasers on the market.

The MLS Cutting Edge Laser:

  • provides laser therapy using 3 wavelengths of light
  • proven to Reduce Pain, Reduce Inflammation, and Stimulate Healing.

Check it out: www.celasers.com/veterinary

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