If you have questions regarding supplements, you can contact Dr. Alice at the information below.  For a faster response, send an email or text.  

Click on the link above to learn more about Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal, Inc., the exclusive Chinese Veterinary Herbal pharmacy in the USA.  Jing Tang herbal products are distributed exclusively through licensed veterinarians for the best and safest care of animals.  All Jing Tang herbal products are manufactured strictly in compliance with USA FDA cGMP regulations and based on the pharmaceutical standards.


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Click on the above link to learn more about Standard Process Veterinary Formulas.  Standard Process has been developing whole food supplements since 1929 and has an excellent line of veterinary specific products that have shown amazing results.

Holistic vets often use herbal remedies in conjunction with or in place of western drugs.  Dr. Alice is a holistic veterinarian in the sense that she treats the animal as a "whole."  However, Dr. Alice sees the necessity for western treatments as well.  When Dr. Alice prescribes Chinese and Western herbal therapies, it is usually to supplement her veterinary acupuncture, animal chiropractic, and rehabilitation programs and in some cases to help decrease the amount of, and occasionally eliminate, the Western medications your pet needs.  Chinese herbal therapies are known to support the effects of acupuncture and likely decrease the frequency of the need for acupuncture treatments.  Most animals will eat the herbs in their powdered form, however, you can also get them as capsules, tea pills, and even in biscuit form.